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Portowa Business Center is to be a business park consisting of several office buildings. We will offer our tenants a very high standard of the buildings and their interiors as well as location, arrangement of the surroundings, parking spaces and everything that will make Portowa8 a unique place in Gliwice.

In the summer of 2017, the first stage of the investment and the commissioning of two buildings A and B of the total area of approximately 5000 square meters will be completed.

Portowa Business Center - budynek A

Three-storey building with an area of 2100 square meters with both service and commercial space on the ground floor as well as two storeys of office space.

Building A
Portowa Business Center - budynek B

The building B is an example of a prestigious, modern and extravagant office place with both commercial and exhibition space on the ground floor and office space planned on three storeys (commissioning summer 2017).

Building B
Portowa Business Center - budynek C

The third office building is to be the biggest one within Portowa Center. Modern architecture, ecological solution as well as high standard alongside with perfect localization.

Building C