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Portowa Business Center is supposed to be a complex of four modern office buildings located in an area of 12 000 square meters in the center of Gliwice.

Portowa Business Center w Gliwicach przy ulicy Portowej 8 przy DTŚ

Portowa Street has become a link between the city and the Special Economic Zone as well as the modern logistic and office center of numerous companies in Gliwice. It is a prestigious location in the neighborhood of a new hotel, a car dealer showroom, a bank and across the river the large Arena Shopping Center and the General Motors factory. Its direct connection to the expressway Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa gives perfect transport opportunities within Gliwice area, agglomeration of Upper Silesia as well as entire country.

Directly next to the Portowa Business Center there is the intersection of two expressways, namely DTS and DK88 with newly-built slip-roads that allow you to avoid traffic in any direction.

New slip-roads from two mentioned expressways DTŚ and DK88 enable to you to reach the most faraway part of Gliwice in 3 to 4 minutes and to reach Katowice in a quarter. Both the DTŚ and DK88 cross two motorways A1 and A4 in about 5 minutes from Portowa Business Center.


Bypassing the urban traffic with two-lane roads from Portowa Center you will be able to reach:

  Zabrze – 5 minutes
  Bytom – 10 minutes
  Chorzow – 10 minutes
  Katowice (Spodek venue) – 20 minutes
  Katowice Pyrzowice Airport – 20 minutes
  Cracow Balice Airport – 1 hour
  Cracow – 1 hour
  Wroclaw – 1,15 hour
  Warsaw – 3 hour
  Berlin – 4 hour
  Vienna – 3,5 hour